Our Story

Kangen Water Store LV

Fred and Genevieve Brown are on a mission to spread the word that not all water is created equally! Fred and Genevieve were first introduced to Kangen Water® in 2007 while attending a demonstration hosted by Enagic, a Japanese based, International business who has been the leading manufacturer of alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines in the world for over 40 years.

What is Kangen Water®

Alkalyxed, Ionized

So, what is Kangen Water® Kangen Water®is Alkalyzed, Ionized, and Electrically Reduced Water, making it more powerful and beneficial than Alkaline water sold in markets, Health Food stores, and water stores.

Fred and Genevieve fell in love with Enagics products immediately but were more impressed with how the Enagic Corporation, through the direct sales system, empowers hard-working and passionate Independent Distributors to change their health, lives and finances forever. All by simply transforming their drinking water.

Fred and Genevieve

Two of the Top Distributors within Enagic

After many years of successfully building their business, all while helping others do the same, Fred and Genevieve became two of the top distributors within Enagic. They are passionate about their business and together decided it was time to grow even further and change the lives of so many more.

Fred and Genevieve put together a team of top Enagic Distributors who have all achieved personal and financial growth, while promoting a product they truly love and believe in. As of February 2017, Fred and Genevieve Brown, Janet and Danny Castillo, Ed and Leni Marcellino, Dan and Mary Ann Murry and Dudley Silva opened the first Enagic authorized retail Water Store in Las Vegas! ​